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Business Overview

CMET is a comprehensive service provider for expressway investment and operation with the longest investment and management mileage, the widest area and the most complete industrial chain in China.


The business scope of CMET covers the investment and operation of expressway transportation infrastructure, transportation science & technology, intelligent transportation and other industries related to expressway, including the important link of the whole industrial chain. As of the end of June 2017, the total mileage of toll expressway invested and operated by CMET has reached 8338 km and the equity mileage has been up to 1787 km. 26 operating expressway companies was under its direct or indirect investment and management. The invested expressway network covers the country's 18 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government and the controlled projects are distributed in 7 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government. It also operates and manages Yongtaiwen Expressway, Beilun Port Expressway, Jiurui Expressway, Guixing Expressway, Guiyang Expressway, Yangping Expressway, Guilin Beltway (East), Jingjintang Expressway and Guihuang Expressway, and invests Ninghu Expressway(600377.SH;00177.HK), Wantong Expressway (600012.SH; 00995.HK), Chengyu Expressway (601107.SH; 00107.HK) and Shenzhen Expressway (600548.SH; 00548.HK) listed in Shanghai and Hong Kong, Shandong Expressway (600350.SH), Zhongyuan Expressway (600020.SH), Chutian Expressway (600035.SH), Wuzhou Communications (600368.SH), Fujian Expressway (600033.SH), Jilin Expressway (601518.SH) and Longjiang Communications (601188.SH) listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and Huabei Expressway (000916.SZ) and Modern Investment (000900.SZ) listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. It also invests some non-listed companies, such as Jiangsu Yangzi Bridge Company Limited by Shares, Jiangsu Shangsan Expressway Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Guangjingxicheng Expressway Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Ningjingyan Expressway Co., Ltd.


At the same time, CMET has established 18 national and provincial and other research and development platforms through China Merchants Transportation Science Institute, including 6 national research platforms such as "National Mountainous Expressway Engineering Technology Research Center", "National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for Expressway Engineering and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation in Mountainous Areas", "State Key Laboratory of Structural Dynamics of Bridge Engineering", "National Engineering Laboratory for Expressway Tunnel Construction Technology"; 1 post-doctoral research workstation was established, and 1 doctoral program and 5 master program were jointly established with colleges and universities; it also established the independent innovation and development funds, which constituted a highly intensive and efficient system of scientific and technological innovation. CMET has a strong research and innovation strength of the expressway industry, and has generated the business form of the whole expressway industry chain covering from the survey, design and construction to investment, operation, maintenance and service.


Adhering to the mission of providing the community with a safe, efficient, comfortable and high value-added expressway travel service, CMET actively implements the "going out" strategy of China Merchants Group, expands overseas research field and output the characteristic services, and strive to become China’s pioneer in intelligent transportation with its own advantages under the guidance of the overall strategy of the country "The Belt and Road".